The Stone Clovers is an Irish Folk Rock Group from Worcester, MA. They perform an array of traditional/contemporary Irish and original music. The group was formed by former Fergus bandmates Cait Sargent (vocals) and Tom Lubelczyk (bass) along with Irish singer/songwriter Tony Gahan, from Co. Tipperary, and they are joined by guitarist/vocalist Hunter Amabile. The idea for The Stone Clovers was to merge the Irish music they so love with their original songs and eclectic musical tastes. Their songwriting speaks to the Irish emigrant’s experience as well as the Irish-American’s reverence for their heritage. The core of the group’s sound could find itself at home in any Irish pub but is augmented by many musical flavors (rock, jazz, blues, funk, reggae, among others), such a blend comes from the diverse musical background of the musicians. The combination of all of this has allowed the band to create music that is reflective of the Irish and Irish-American community of their home of Worcester.